Body Protection
Skin tab with finger seperator

The skin tab still enjoys of large popularity. The thick supple leather protects your fingers in the best way from the course of the chord. The integrated seperator from art off lies between central and index fingers for the optimal positioning of your fingers.

  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

    Shooting Glove

    Our top shooting glove from the Bearpaw product series. We use excluding finest leather in best quality. The fingers are additionally strengthened with goat leather. Goat leather guarantees a good feeling to the chord and is particularly resistant. The seams are here in such a way put that a pressure is limited in the nail bed to a minimum.

  • Size: (XXS) (XS) (S) (M) (L) (XL)

    Arm Protector  Traditional

    Beautiful traditional arm protection in elevated quality. We used a bright gap leather here in combination with dark Velour leather and inserted extra an insert to the protection against the chord impact.


    Arm Protector  Standard long

    To ensure our long arm protection for upper and lower arm around optimal protection against the impact of the chord. We produce this arm protection with a black imitated leather.

  • Length: 13.5"