Traditional Longbows
Longbow Star Hunter

Limb design for maximum performance is the waranty for comfortable shooting and speed. Maple wood gives it a natural optic at a good prize.


  • Bow length: 68 inch (173 cm)
  • Draw weight: 20 - 60 lbs
  • Handle: maple wood
  • Limbs: tapered maple wood
  • Tips: Hardwood
  • String: Dacron

    Longbow Viper

    Extraordinary longbow with smooth and fast action. This bow convinced with its strong reflex/deflex design by performance and quality. The limbs are made out of high performance maple wood and are laminated with beautiful yew tree.


  • Bow length: 68 inch (173 cm)
  • Draw weight: 20 - 65 lbs
  • Handle: nut tree, maple, nut tree
  • Limbs: maple laminated with yew tree
  • Tips: micarta
  • String: Fast Flight